Everyone Just Needs To Chill Out About The Prophet Muhammed


Why are people getting so worked up about a stupid video and some stupid cartoons? Everyone just needs to hit the bong a bit more and learn to CHILL THE FUCK OUT.


You’ve no doubt caught the news recently and seen that shit is kicking off across the world all in the name of Allah. People kicking up a fuss over a stupid video and cartoon really need to CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

There have been protests against U.S.A. across the world, mainly outside American embassies in countries such as Libya (where an American ambassador was killed), Egypt, Yeman, Sydney and London to name a few. The protests were sparked by some anti-Islamic dude making a film that portrays the prophet Muhammad as a violent individual. So people are screwing saying that their religion is being portrayed as being violent, and re-acting in a, um, violent way. Yeah good one.

Today, the French satirical paper known as Charlie Hebdo published an image of the prophet Muhammhed and have began closing their embassies abroad in preparation for a backlash. When interviewed, the editor for Charlie Hebdo stated that the paper takes the piss out of all different kinds of people every day of the year, but when they take the piss out of Islam and Muhammhed it’s seen as a hate crime. Check out the publication below.

Charlie Hebdo

We at Sick Chirpse are firm believers in taking the piss out of people for a JOKE, and having the piss taken out of ourselves is all part of the fun. If someone takes the piss out of you, or your religion, learn to be the better person and stand above it. Southpark has been ripping the piss out of Jesus and Jews for years and no-one’s ever kicked up a fuss. There’s no point starting beef over a stupid cartoon, because that’s all it is, a stupid cartoon.

If everyone just hit the bong more often and stopped being so highly strung about religion the world would be a better place, because after all, religion’s just a load of bollocks anyway. Have a good day everyone, try not to start too many wars and try and just have some fun, you’re not going to be around forever (and there’s probably no afterlife so make the most of your life right now).


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