Prometheus Released On DVD, Facebook Users Go Mental


Normally when a movie comes out on DVD people are kind of excited about it, I guess because of all the extra features and director’s commentary and shit. Well, Prometheus has pretty much the exact opposite reaction on Facebook.


There aren’t many events that have happened in 2012 that I have been less interested in that Prometheus being released on DVD (perhaps Prometheus coming out at the cinema, but probably not quite because you’re always more tempted to go and see movies at the cinema, because it’s the big screen you know whereas DVD’s are just like meh can I even be bothered to put this in my computer and waste 90 minutes of my life watching it?), but it suddenly got so much better yesterday when the shit really hit the fan on Facebook. As you probably know, most movies (or any kind of product really) these days have  a Facebook fan page that they utilise to promote themselves or any new information about said product. Well, when the Prometheus Facebook fanpage announced that the DVD was coming out yesterday I don’t think they could have predicted the reaction that simply putting up a picture of the cover and the release details would provoke.

Basically, 90% of people commenting on and sharing the picture were talking about how much it fvcking sucked and how nobody should ever buy it. Of course, we all know the phrase there’s no such thing as bad publicity but when Facebook is probably the biggest promoter of any product at the moment, the fact that around 1700 people have commented on the picture saying the movie sucks – and a whole lot worse than that – then you’ve got to think that SOME damage has been done to the reputation of the movie. Admittedly, that was probably done back in the summer when it first came out and it got pretty much crappy reviews from everyone ever, but I guess it’s hardly that great when everyone is rinsing it in the comments. And we mean literally everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such universal hatred for a movie.

Here are a bunch of the best comments that we’ve managed to screengrab about it. It defintiely won’t be on my Xmas list and to be honest, I hope I never have to see it. It sounds like it sucks. Check this out for a backlash:

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