Project X looks like the ultimate party movie.

I hadn’t heard of Project X until Vice invited me to a press screening of it. Initially I thought it sounded stupid because of the name – I don’t think even a X Men movie would call itself Project X – but after I watched the trailer I couldn’t have been more pumped to go and see it.

Project X is basically a movie about a teenage house party in a sleepy suburb that gets completely out of control after everyone in the world gets invited thanks to a combination of social networking, posting on Craig’s List (does that count as social networking? Unsure.) and radio announcements. And that’s it really, just a movie about partying. But everyone loves partying right, so you should love the movie.

It’s shot in the same style as the Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield i.e. with a handheld camera controlled by one of the character’s in the movie. This really adds to the realism and gives you the feeling of actually being at the party that other movies about teenage house parties like um Can’t Hardly Wait (?) or episodes of Skins might have lacked.

Check out the trailer for Project X below. I’ll stick up a proper review of it next week or something. But it was a really good movie and pretty unique in its execution. I’m definitely downloading the soundtrack for the next time I have a party.

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Our friends at Vice are also throwing a house party akin to Project X (unlikely but it still should be pretty good) with a bunch of bands playing and a bunch of celebrities hanging out in East London on March 1st to help promote the movie. If you want to know how you can get invited, head over to their Facebook page HERE.


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