I went down to Vice’s Project X Party which was a bit like being an extra on the set of Skins.

So I posted about the Project X Party that Vice were throwing last week, as well as a review of the movie HERE, and I guess a few of you entered the competition and managed to win list/tickets and headed down to the secret location behind the Dolphin in Hackney. I was pretty excited about the party beforehand as the press release said there was going to be a bunch of cool stuff like fairground rides, vodka guns, a bouncy castle and a free bar etc etc, so it sounded like it was going to be pretty wild.

Then as it got closer I realised that it probably wasn’t going to be as good as the party in Project X or even as the one it described because I mean, well, these things never are, are they? I also got kind of bummed out when I found out that it started at 9 and finished at 2. I mean what kind of ‘the biggest party ever’ finishes at 2? In Project X the party finished when they burned down the whole neighbourhood. It didn’t help that I probably wasn’t going to get there until about 11:30 because I was going to the Sleigh Bells show in Camden (which was incredible BTW) but I still thought it would probably be a good time, just not as good as the one they were advertising.

And this was pretty much what it was. I’ve been to a bunch of warehouse parties and it probably wasn’t in my top 5, or maybe even top ten. It kind of reminded me of a warehouse party thrown by people who had never been to one and who had based their entire interpretation of it on watching episodes of Skins, but I guess that could just by me getting cynical in my (slightly) old (er) and less hip age than everyone at the party.

I guess my main problem was that I didn’t really know enough people and wasn’t drunk enough/didn’t take enough ecstasy to want to make friends with all the hipsters, although I did run into a guy in a band I used to play gigs with which was kind of cool. He’s playing in a hipster band now. Of course. Also a bunch of the things they were advertising weren’t present, although there was a free bar (that actually had decent liquor and not a load of alcopops/shitty beers ), free laughing gas (although it didn’t really seem to work) and a bouncy castle (which I didn’t go on) and some vodka guns.  The free bar was probably the main feature I was interested in though and like the bouncy castle I doubt I would have even bothered using half of the other features anyway if they had been present.

The party itself was pretty good despite the lack of advertised features. I got there as Sebastian was setting up and he played a fairly fun set with a cigarette in his mouth, it just didn’t seem like that many people were dancing and most people were just hanging out. Which is cool sure, but at a party you kinda want a load of people to be dancing. There definitely were a few people dancing but I felt like there should have been more, you know? I felt like just as it was kicking off it ended, but that was probably my own fault for getting there at midnight when I knew it finished at 2am. Still, it wasn’t a bad party. Just not a Project X party really. Although a couple of my buddies had a really good time and stayed up until 12am the next day. But that was probably because of the ecstasy they took, not because of the lasting effect of the party.

Here’s a video that Vice made of the event that make it look even more like an episode of Skins. Someone has even commented on the YouTube page saying ‘what, this isn’t a trailer for the next series of Skins?’ It wasn’t me btw.  There’s a guy dancing in a real awesome jacket around the half way mark. I wish i had run into him at the party. Maybe next time.

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There’s also a gallery of the event HERE if you want to look through the crazy party that you missed, but I figured it would probably be more funny if I just stuck up a bunch of my favourite pictures and made a pithy comment about them, a la Vice. Although I’m not sure how many times I can make the same joke about Skins in one article.  Check out part 2 HERE for the pics.


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