VIDEO: ‘Professional Eater’ Annihilates The Rock’s Hercules Diet In One Sitting

Hercules Diet

He’s basically calling The Rock a pussy.

About a week ago we featured The Rock’s Hercules diet – just what he was eating every day for 22 weeks in a row in order to bulk up to be as big as Hercules during the filming of his new movie – and everyone agreed that it was pretty out there . Roughly 8 meals a day including 2 steaks, 2 chickens and 2 pieces of fish. In short, it was insane.

At least that’s what most people thought, except for this professional eater called Matt Stonie who decided to get all of The Rock’s meals from his diet plan and eat them all in one to show The Rock who really was boss. And boy did he show The Rock – it’s just a shame he’s a scrawny ass white boy whereas The Rock is one badass beefcake. I think I know who I’d be backing, even if Matt can eat more than him.


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