Catching A Baseball Like An Absolute Pro


This guy makes a boring game of baseball a tad more interesting by risking life and limb to catch his guy out.

Professional baseball players have it easy right? I mean, what do they even do? They stand around for most of the match, throw a couple of balls, hit a couple of balls and get paid mega bucks to do it. It’s kinda like a U.S. version of cricket, not much goes on and the only way you can face watching a whole game is by getting completely tanked.

So not expecting much from the video, I was pleasantly surprised when something pretty cool actually happened. Some dude whacks the baseball high into the air and one of the opposition players  – who looks like he’s way too fat to be a professional sportsman – risks life and limb by doing some sort of weird flip thing over the barriers while managing to catch the ball and get the guy out. Great dedication by the fielder, who no doubt treated himself to a super king size portion of fast food post-match. Check it:

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