Cat Caught Trying To Sneak Mobile Phone And Saw Into Brazilian Prision

Prison Cat

A cat has been caught trying to enter a Brazilian prison with a load of escape tools strapped to it’s body. Just another reason why cats are way more awesome than dogs.

A cat (pictured above) has been caught trying to sneak into a Brazilian prison with a shed load of goodies strapped to its body.

The goodies included all the stuff any locked away prisoner would have a blast receiving for Christmas. The cat’s stash included a mobile phone, saw, drill, spare mobile phone battery and hands free kit. Whoever this cat was working for was sure in for a quick fire escape.

Unfortunately (for whoever set this mastermind plan up) the cat was caught crossing the prison gates before it even got inside the facility. The cat has now been arrested and will face charges of attempting to break out a prisoner.

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This is just another reason why cats are way more awesome than dogs. If you strapped a load of stuff to a dog and sent it to go break your buddy out of prison it probably wouldn’t even get past the end of the street without getting distracted and completely forgetting what it’s mission was. This cat knew exactly what was going down and was prepared to risk life and limb to reach it’s final destination. Prison break cat, we salute you.

Check out what the BBC had to say about the prison break cat below.

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