Prison Breakout Caught On Video

Prison Breakout

Over half of the detainees in this Brazilian young offenders institute managed to escape. They started a massive riot then simply shimmied down a handy tree located right next to the prison wall.

Jailbreaks often result in one or more hardened prisoners deciding to use their ingenious (but undoubtedly criminal) minds to escape from somewhere that’s stereotypically inescapable. If you live in close proximity to a prison or have enemies on the inside, then jailbreaks will probably make you feel a bit uneasy. Yesterday some juvenile offenders in Sao Paulo — 54 of them — escaped from a correctional facility. They made their escape during a riot and even held 29 staff members hostage. Given that there were only 103 detainees to start with, that’s over half of the entire prison roaming free. I’m not surprised these minors managed to cut loose so easily though — just check out how swiftly they casually shimmy down that conveniently placed tree.

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