Pringles Are Set To Release A New Pigs In Blankets Flavour This Christmas

Pigs In Blankets Pringles

Easily the best thing about Christmas this year.

Everyone who knows anything about Christmas will realise that undoubtedly the best thing about it – after the age of 10 when getting loads of presents isn’t really that exciting anymore of course – is that you get to eat a whole bunch of pigs in blankets.

If you’re lucky then your mum makes loads like mine and you get to eat them for days on end afterwards. If you’re not then that just plain sucks for you, but Pringles might be able to help you out with their new product.

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Pigs In Blankets Pringles 2

Quite simply they’ve come up with one of the best ideas in years by deciding to release a limited edition pigs in blankets flavour crisp in the run up to Christmas this year. I’ve yet to try them but Pringles are usually pretty dope – once you pop, you just can’t stop – and needless to say pigs in blankets are an absolute winner, so I fail to see how this could be anything but absolutely incredible.

They’re not available yet, but should be appearing in supermarket chains within the next month. We can’t wait. Let’s hope they get Brad Pitt to star in an advert for them again.


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