47-Year-Old Princess Diana Lookalike Makes £16,000 A Month On OnlyFans

Quids in.

A 47-year-old cleaner from Leicester is destroying the competition on OnlyFans and says it’s all due to her resemblance to the late Princess Diana.

Seems there are enough people out there with a Princess Diana fetish to earn Lauren Spencer £16,000 a month, which is pretty mental because she actually doesn’t look that much like her?

Lauren told ChronicalLive:

I’ve become the princess of soft porn. I was so shocked when I started to get popular.

Diana lookalike' OnlyFans star tells Harry 'we need to deal with your mummy  issues' - Today

But I’m now in the top 0.5 per cent of creators on OnlyFans. Lots of people suggest I look like Princess Diana which is very flattering. She was beautiful. I’m natural and older than most but I love it.

She spent 10 years running a cleaning company with her husband (who loves her new gig, btw). When COVID came along and wrecked their business, she decided to join the platform and hasn’t looked back:

I’m always booked up. They always tell me I look like Diana. I have the same height, weight and build and even kind of sound like her.

Lauren says she has been compared to the late Princess of Wales

I get requests to recreate the photo of Diana wearing the billowing skirt standing against the sunlight and not realising her skirt was see-through.

That’s probably one of the tamer requests she gets, but still pretty fxcking weird to be fair. It just goes to show there’s something for everyone on OnlyFans, even those who want to jerk it to photos of Princess Di doppelgangers.

No wonder Lauren is so flattered by the comparisons – Princess Diana was an icon. Not a sex icon, but an icon all the same. And now Lauren is making a living by driving horny British boomers crazy with her resemblance to the woman they so adored. Fair play really. Sisters doing it for themselves!

Diana lookalike' OnlyFans star tells Harry 'we need to deal with your mummy  issues' - Today

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