The Princess Bride cast get together for a reunion – 25 years after the seminal fantasy film was first released.

I guess I might be showing my age to Sick Chirpse readers by getting excited by a Princess Bride reunion but I figured even though The Princess Bride came out almost 25 years ago it’s still probably one of those movies that everyone watches when they’re growing up because it’s just so good. As they say in this interview, ‘it’s a timeless classic – a great screenplay and a great cast.’

Having said that I can’t really remember much about it, other than the fact that I really loved it when I was a kid and that Andre the Giant and Dr Lawrence Gordon from Saw were in it, and that when I was walking around Brick Lane the other week my girlfriend recognised somebody from it. He was just walking around Brick Lane buying Indian sweets, no joke.

Anyway, to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the Princess Bride (even though it came out in 1987, so surely this is a 24 year anniversary?) Entertainment Weekly managed to re-unite the majority of the cast for an interview and a photo shoot – complete with white horses. Even the dude from Brick Lane made it. He’s the guy who says ‘Inconceivable’ a lot. Probably a pretty key character, but like I said I can’t remember that well.

The interview itself isn’t that great but it’s kind of cool to see what all these old people look like now and to see them all together again, although unfortunately Fred Savage and Mandy Patinkin couldn’t make it and Andre the Giant is obviously dead. Cary Elwes has a pretty good story about metting Bill Clinton though, and they all share some fairly funny stories about Andre The Giant getting wasted in London.

The one thing it really made me want to do was watch The Princess Bride again though as I seriously can’t really remember it at all. I doubt this will happen any time soon though as I still haven’t watched JCVD when I said I would around the first week Sick Chirpse went live. Maybe one day I’ll watch them both in a double bill or something. Thanks to Bailey HSI for the tip.


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