Prince Harry Says A Woman With ‘Powers’ Relayed A Message To Him From Princess Diana



I’m fairly sure that when you visit a psychic, they’re not meant to know anything about you or the deceased person you’re trying to make contact with. So that probably makes it a no-go for someone like Prince Harry, who decided to visit one anyway.

Ahead of the release of his book ‘Spare’ next week, another passage has been shared in which 38-year-old Harry writes about visiting a psychic in order to contact his mum Princess Diana, who died when he was 12.

In fairness to Harry, he writes that he “recognised the high-percentage chance of humbuggery” but went to meet the woman because trusted friends recommended her. He doesn’t say who the medium was, where he visited her, or when this happened. Here’s an account of the excerpt by The Guardian who previewed the book:

“The minute we sat down together,” he writes, “I felt an energy around her.”

The prince says the woman told him she felt an energy around him too, and said: “Your mother is with you.”

Harry replied: “I know. I’ve felt that of late.”

The woman, he writes, told him his mother was with him “right now”. Harry says his neck grew warm and his eyes watered.

The woman told Harry his mother knew he was “looking for clarity” and “feels your confusion”, and knew he had “so many questions”, and said answers would come in time.

The prince also says the woman told him Diana said: “You’re living the life she couldn’t. You’re living the life she wanted for you.”

Harry, who in his book also describes endless clashes with the press amid trips to London clubs and visits to Africa, Europe and Hollywood, and admits to regular drinking and drug-taking, says he wanted to believe the woman but needed “proof. A sign. Anything.”

One such sign offered by the woman involved a story about an ornament, and a claim that his mother knew about it because “she was there”.

Earlier in the book, Harry recounts how a Christmas tree ornament in the shape of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, was accidentally smashed by his son, Archie.

The woman, he writes, repeated that his mother was there when the incident happened, saying: “Your mother says … something about a Christmas ornament? Of a mother? Or a grandmother? It fell? Broke?”

Harry said: “Archie tried to fix it.”

The woman said: “Your mother says she had a bit of a giggle about that.”

Well, whatever you make of all that, it’s clear Harry still has massive issues surrounding the passing of his mum and you can’t blame him for that really. Elsewhere in the book he describes getting someone to repeatedly drive him through the tunnel where Princess Diana died. He even asked the driver to go through the tunnel at 65mph; the same speed his mum’s car was travelling when she died.

Several other passages from the book have leaked ahead of its release next week, including Harry’s allegations that Prince William turned up at his home and beat him up while insulting his wife, and that William & Kate were partly to blame for him wearing a Nazi costume in 2005. More of Harry’s gripes to be revealed in the coming days, I’m sure.



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