Prime Fans Queue Overnight For Sainsbury’s Launch Only To Find Shelves Empty


I think it’s been fairly well documented that kids are going absolutely crazy for KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime energy drink and that local stores like Wakey Wines are taking full advantage of this by charging around £100 for a bottle of it or something ridiculous, so it obviously makes sense that parents were eager for the drinks to arrive in supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s where it would actually be sold at its RRP.

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In fact, they were so stoked about it that a load of them decided to queue overnight at their local Sainsbury’s so they could guarantee they could get their hands on a bottle to satisfy the cravings of their rabid kids. Only problem was that when the doors eventually opened at Sainsbury’s, the bottles still hadn’t turned up and they were greeted only with empty shelves where they  had dreamed that their long sought after bottle of Prime would be awaiting them.

52 year old Claire Smith was bitterly disappointed by the incident, saying the following:

I’d taken my children, aged 12 and 10, into Marshall Lake Sainsbury’s.

They’d been nagging me for it for a week. They got me out of bed, all excited to buy it with their own pocket money.

We dashed into the supermarket, running across the car park to be the first ones in.

Once they realised there was no Prime in stock, they were really disappointed.

A sales assistant told us to come back on Friday, but they had it in their heads that they were going to get it today.

Disaster. I suppose you can’t really blame anyone here other than Logan Paul and KSI though as they’ve created such an insatiable demand for their silly little energy drink and then aren’t able to supply the people with what they now apparently need. Just another problem with supply chain issues in this country, although I suppose you at least can’t blame Brexit for this one.

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