This Priest Rode His Hover Board During Mass And Got Suspended By Catholic Church

Priest Hoverboard

They see me rollin’ they hatin’.

Like I wrote the other day, hover boards are big business this Christmas and their appeal has spread so far and wide that members of the Catholic church are now using them during their services.

The below footage was posted on Facebook and has been viewed an incredible 14 million times as the priest from the San Pablo diocese rolls around the aisles of his church singing what sounds like a pop song but is probably just some kind of new upbeat hymn. Either way it sounds like a banger and the crowd are absolutely loving his antics as he wheels himself around the church, trying to engage with as many people as possible.

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Great set of pipes eh?

Unfortunately though, the Catholic church weren’t happy with this dude’s performance and ended up suspending him from active duty. They forced him to apologise and then announced that he was taking some time off to think about what he had done. Sounds about right from that bunch of party poopers.

To be honest though, although I haven’t been anywhere near a church for years it looks like one of the most fun services ever. The Catholic church should be embracing this kind of stuff not discouraging it if they want to remain relevant. Or at least build more churches as sick as the eight most amazing churches in the world.


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