Priest Believes He’s Bulletproof; Ends Up In Hospital After Asking To Be Shot


Religion is a crazy crazy thing, and more often that not it causes way more trouble than it’s worth.

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Take the case of Pastor Nana Tolofasito from Sekyedumase Newtown in Ghana. He thought that God had given him the ability to withstand bullets and ordered his congregation to shoot him in the chest to demonstrate this.

Obviously nobody was too keen to volunteer for this task, but so convinced was Tolofasito of his God given powers that he simply couldn’t be stopped. He eventually managed to convince one poor dude, who had the honour of shooting him in the chest.

Priest Shot

Tolofasito wasn’t bulletproof and the bullet went straight into his body just like it would anyone else. Unlucky. He was rushed to hospital afterwards and was said to be in critical condition. Don’t believe everything God tells you pal.

For more priests doing ridiculous things in the name of the Lord, check out this guy who fed his whole congregation rat poison to prove they were above death. Guess what happened?


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