If you’re gonna speak complete gibberish probably best not to do it at one of the TV EVENTS OF THE YEAR

Despite being nominated for two Emmys and having been awarded the Frank Shakespeare Award for Outstanding Journalism, it seems like Serene Branson wasn’t ready to cover the Grammy Awards this past Sunday. Who can blame her though? They’re pretty exciting. Check out this video where she tries to say words but can’t:


In a country full of as many hypochondriacs as the United States, predictably many people thought that Serene Branson was suffering from a stroke due to her garbled attempt at reporting.

Dr Daniel Labovitz, assistant professor of neurology at Einstein School of Medicine, stated that this was a ‘terrifying event and that he very strongly suspected this was a stroke or transient ischemic attack.’

Fortunately though, after the broadcast, Serene was examined by paramedics at the scene, who concluded that there was nothing wrong with her. She was then given a ride home by a colleague ‘as a precaution.’ Or maybe because the stroke meant that she had forgotten where she had parked?

In any case, in the following days while internet speculation over the cause of her attempts at making sense has gone wild the official word is that Serene Branson did not suffer a stroke or any other type of medical condition, and has been fine since the incident. Guess it was just nerves huh?


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