Predator Is Returning To The Big Screen To Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary


Get to the chopper.

Predator just might be the best Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of all time, so it’s only fitting that to celebrate its 30th anniversary it’s going to be rereleased into cinemas for one night only.

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That day is November 9th and it seems like it’s being screened in pretty much every cinema in the UK, so if you want to go and see the magic on the big screen for the first time then you’ll have every opportunity to, provided you’re free that day of course. Whilst it’s probably a bit different watching it today as compared with 30 years ago, I’m fairly sure that it still conveys the horror and hilarity that was always a part of its DNA pretty damn well. How can you not when Arnold Schwarzenegger is in your lead role facing off against an unstoppable alien in the jungle?

If you need a reminder of just how good Predator is, then you can check the trailer below:

Yeah should probably book a ticket to go and see that immediately really shouldn’t I? Looks like it’s been touched up a bit from the original print as well so should look pretty damn spectacular on the big screen. Get to the chopper.

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