Pranksters Ruin Nativity Scene By Making Mary Give Joseph A Blow Job


O come all ye faithful.

When you think about Christmas and the nativity scene, it doesn’t normally include Mary going down on Joseph.

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Not only was Mary a virgin so probably hadn’t mastered giving head yet either, but it sounds like she was way too busy giving birth in that barn to quickly suck someone off. It’s just not going to have happened realistically is it? However, this hasn’t stopped some pranksters over in Lucerne, Switzerland from reimagining the scene and including that exact image.

The Christmas market in Lucerne is so famous that many people come from all over Europe to visit it, but a lot of them were disappointed and upset when they saw the characters in the compromising situations. A few of them did giggle and laugh, but mainly it was a feeling of stupidity and outrage that was most associated with it. Franz Schumacher, who created the nativity scene was particularly incensed:


That hurts me very much. They do not know that it offends others. But their brains cannot think that far ahead as they have probably drowned them in alcohol.

It is unacceptable to destroy the property of others. And it is also intolerable that someone violates the religious feelings of others.

I mean, whilst that is true, I’m of the school of thought that would probably have giggled if I had walked past and seen that. Maybe everyone should just lighten up a bit about it – it is Christmas after all, and it’s not like it wouldn’t have been that hard to just move them back into the correct positions, right? Chill out, yeah?

For more nativity scenes, here’s a bunch that make literally no sense whatsoever. It’s open to interpretation I guess.


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