VIDEO: Gay Black Dance Team Cause Outrage During Alabama Christmas Parade

This small Alabama town was not happy in the slightest when the Prancing Elites showed up to celebrate Christmas in their community.

Wow, you’d think a gay black dance troupe called the Prancing Elites who frolic around in skimpy Santa gear would go down a storm in a small Alabama town like Semmes (population: 3,000), but you’d be wrong — they weren’t happy about it in the slightest. How strange!

gay black dance

gay black dance 2

gay black dance 3

In all seriousness though, just shows you how ridiculous racism and homophobia is. If you don’t think the Prancing Elites are the most fashionable, flamboyant, bombastic Christmas dance troupe around then I don’t know what to tell you. You just can’t hate on moves like this, no matter how much of a racist or bigot you are. Would you rather go to the same old Christmas carols down your city centre or would go rather go watch the Prancing Elites in action, sassing it up and offending every uptight idiot in the vicinity? Nothing like watching racists/bigots get all uncomfortable around a lifestyle/behaviour they disagree with.

Watch below:

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