Post Malone Has Another Awful New Face Tattoo

Post Malone

This guy.

Post Malone is well known for having a seemingly endless amount of tattoos, so much so that he’s recently taken to filling the space on his face as well.

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Whilst you might have thought that getting ‘always tired’ tattooed under both of his eyes and a piece of barbed wire tattooed on the top of his forehead might have been enough for him, you really wouldn’t have had a clue what you were talking about because come on dog, it’s Post Malone. He ain’t stopping until literally his whole body is going to be covered in tattoos.

The latest one comes courtesy of Japanese tattooist Ganji at the Three Tides Tattoo shop in Tokyo. I’m not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be but there’s speculation that it’s meant to represent Japanese finger waves – whatever they are – which sounds pretty deep and meaningful, but I think it just looks like a plague of bugs is crawling out of his hair onto his face.

See what you think below:

Yeah, I’m still not really feeling it but it seems like Post Malone is absolutely loving it and I suppose that’s the main thing when you get yourself a tattoo isn’t it? I guess I’m not his target audience for these things so I shouldn’t really be complaining, I’ve just seen way better tattoos than that. Just saying.

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