PornHub Is Selling Lifetime Memberships For $299 This Black Friday

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It’s pretty much a given that most guys – and a fair few girls – out there enjoy watching porn and getting off to it, so what better way to ensure that you never have trouble accessing it ever again in your life then treating yourself to a special lifetime membership to PornHub this Black Friday?

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The idea comes courtesy of PornHub vice president Corey Price who said the following:

Every year for Black Friday – which is typically the busiest shopping day of the year – we’re inundated with doorbuster deals for electronics, clothes and more.

While you’re stocking up on traditional gifts, make sure you treat those you love most with the gift they really want and need.

What’s hotter than a freshly fried latke and better than cuddling up to your yuletide cutie by the fire? A lifetime membership to Pornhub Premium.

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I mean I’m not really sure if it’s that great a Christmas present because it’s gonna set you back £231 and you’re only really gonna spend that on like your children or partner or maybe your family and you can’t really buy anyone on that list a lifetime subscription to PornHub because that would just be weird, right? I’m sure loads of people will just end up buying it for themselves though because let’s face it, when a year’s subscription is £74 it just makes perfect sense doesn’t it? PornHub onto a winner there.

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