Pornhub Are About To Release Users’ Personal Details And Viewing History

Mia Khalifa

Time to leave the country.

In what might be the most worrying bit of news we’ve heard all week, it looks like Pornhub has been ordered to hand over the personal details and viewing history of some of its users. Gulp.

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The order was handed from a federal court in California, and it demands the names, email addresses and IP addresses as well as other information of certain users.


But don’t start your escape plan just yet – the court order only relates to people who have uploaded pirated videos. So unless you’ve been doing this, you’re safe. If you have been, however, maybe it’s time for a little one way trip out the country. Unless your taste in porn is relatively vanilla.

The court approved the request for a DMCA subpoena from adult company Foshan Ltd. They launched it in a bid to find out who was responsible for uploading a bunch of illegal copies of its videos. Due to the nature of Pornhub, where users can upload their own videos, something like this is bound to happen every now and then.

Unless Pornhub appeals the decision, they’ve got until May 1st to hand over the info.

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Although this move will most likely not affect you, it is worrying that companies out there do have all of your personal details and porn search history locked away. It’s only a matter of time before hackers get hold of this info and plaster it all over the internet.

In some cases this is already happening – remember last year when an anal fisting site got hacked and leaked 100,000 users’ personal details? Hopefully we’ve got a little while before this is the case with major porn websites.


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