PornHub Absolutely Nailed Their April Fool’s Prank

This is how you do it Google.

As we mentioned earlier today, it’s the one day of the year where you’re allowed to go all out with playing loads of jokes on your mates and get away with it (unless you’re Google that is) and loads of companies try and join in on the fun too to increase their ‘brand image’.

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Most of these are usually completely pony, but PornHub actually came up with a pretty good one today. Millions of horny guys and gals woke up and logged on this morning and instead of seeing the usual swarm of bodacious babes they were instead greeted with CornHub –  a site that offered sexy videos of corn cobs and kernels instead.

This could have been really crap but they did make the effort, as indicated by all of the stupid names and descriptions they employed like ‘Hot interracial shuck’ and ‘huge gaping corn hole’ alongside some big quality imagery too. Here’s a taste of what it looked like if you don’t actually want to dive right in:

Cornhub 1

Cornhub 2

Cornhub 3

Cornhub 4

Funny right? And the perfect example of something that isn’t going to adversely affect anyone for too long, if at all. Yeah – if you clicked on the pictures you unfortunately didn’t get videos of corn but the real thing. That’s what big brand pranks are all about, so well played to PornHub for that one.

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