A Popular TikToker Is Facing Backlash After Posting Videos Annoying Key Workers

Not funny.

It’s kind of hard to believe that TikTok wasn’t even really a thing this time last year, given how humongous it’s become and how often I’m writing articles about celebrity TikTok users being complete and utter knobs these days.

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The latest one of these is a guy called FckJoshy, who is facing a backlash after he decided it would be funny to show his 3 millions fans a bunch of videos of him running around New York City and playing pranks on key workers. These included dropping a massive box of cereal and milk all over a subway car filled with people wearing masks and looking pissed off about having to go to work – bear in mind that the subway cars are closed overnight for the first time in history so they can be cleaned effectively – and also running around the city with a mask with a hole in it.

Maybe his 3 million fans thought that this was hilarious, but thankfully not everyone felt this way and a bunch of people called him out for being a dickhead on Twitter. Thanks guys:

I mean they’re not wrong are they? I guess this is a problem with popular culture now – so many people are obsessed with ‘prank videos’ and going viral that I guess a lot of the time it’s hard for them to understand what’s actually funny and constitutes a prank and what’s actually deeply inappropriate and dangerous. Hopefully they get some perspective one day.

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