Polish Magician Stabs Female News Presenter Live On Air

Polish Magician

Never trust a bald man with a ponytail.

I suppose when you’re a magician taking part in a live performance there’s always a chance that you might screw it up and someone might get hurt, but most of those guys in the game are so pro that it happens very rarely, if at all.

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The same can’t be said for this Polish magician though, who royally screws up his big trick on live daytime television. Not good.

I don’t know the dude’s name but he looks like a real idiot as soon as you seem him as he’s bald and has a ponytail. What kind of look is that? His trick involves putting some kind of sharp nail in one of four lunch bags and then switching them around and slamming his hand down on them, trying to avoid the nail.

Not much of a magic trick eh, but it turns a whole lot more sinister when he asks the female presenter to do it and she ends up slamming her hand right through the nail and screaming and crying on the show. Awkward.

Wow. I’ve never seen someone ‘awah’ so much, it’s almost like it’s fake but the look of pain and her initial screams kind of make me think it’s real. The fact it’s all so awkward between all three of them doesn’t look like something that can be faked either.

My question now is whether or not this guy is actually even a magician? I mean that trick was crap even if he had pulled it off – I mean he swapped the bags around himself so he should have easily been able to know which one had the nail in it – and he failed spectacularly with it as well. I think he’s a fraud.

But hey, I suppose if it happens to Dynamo too, then it can happen to anyone.


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