Amazing Footage Of Police Sniper Taking Out Armed Father Who Took His Baby Hostage

What a shot.

With all the ‘ACAB’ rhetoric out there and the idea that no cops are to be trusted following the George Floyd incident and others like it last year, it’s always good to see recent examples of when police officers have saved lives, taken out legitimate bad guys, and just generally been absolute heroes.

Safe to say – this is one of those times:

Holy shit. Imagine the pressure that cop must have been under having one chance to take the perfect shot when the target is armed and holding a baby in his arms. I know he’s highly-trained and all but still, that takes unbelievable skill and composure to get it right.

As for the suspect, later identified as Paul Boden, I think it’s fair to say the world is better off without a guy who beats up women, kidnaps their babies, and then fires randomly at cars in the middle of the street. Gonna suck for that kid to grow up and find out his dad almost shot his brains out in the middle of the road, but it would have sucked a lot more if that had actually happened. Big up the Arizona police on this one. Big up, indeed!

For more hero cops, get a load of the police officer who tackled a suicidal man who was about to jump off the bridge. Legend.


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