Police Operator Missed Emergency Call Because She Was Ordering Pizza For Lunch

Literally the worst time to have someone die on you.

A 911 operator working in Florida allegedly missed an emergency call because she was too busy ordering pizza on the other line.

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Frances Francois spent eight minutes (!) on the phone to Poppy’s Pizza last September going over her order and discussing different meal deals. Erm, Domino’s online delivery ever heard of it?

You can listen to some of her call here:

While this was going on, an employee at an optician in the area was trying to get through to 911 after a man fainted and began having a seizure inside the shop.

Employee Jared Goodman explained how baffled she was by the fact no one answered her 911 call:

He started to convulse, had a seizure, fell out of the exam chair. I thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. I can’t believe there is just the one lady.

It turned out that on the same day, four 911 operators failed to turn up to work and could offer “no plausible explanation” at to why. Weird.

Luckily the man recovered just fine, and Frances was given a stern “letter of reprimand”.


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Obviously there’s no real excuse for Frances ignoring an emergency call to order food, but one thing we’ve got to consider here is that the food in question was pizza. I mean literally the worst time to have someone dying on you is while you’re busy on the phone trying to order pizza. Just terrible timing really.

Still though — eight minutes to order pizza? It’s the easiest thing in the world to do. Sometimes we’ll even order it for you — go ahead and follow us on Twitter to be in with a chance.


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