Police Officers Rescue Kitten From A Drain Pipe Using A Half-Eaten Burrito


Kitten’s got taste.

Police officers over in Parlier, California, may be adding one more member to its family, as they managed to rescue a kitten after it got stuck in a drainage pipe earlier this week.

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The police department notified its followers on Facebook that the officers, named Jimenez and Corona, saved the hungry kitten that had managed to get itself lost.

But it’s the way that they managed to get the cat out that was truly amazing – the pair coaxed it out with their half-eaten burrito. That cat obviously has good taste.

The kitten is now safe in the custody of Parlier Animal Control and although it currently doesn’t have any owners, amazingly, officer Corona is hoping to adopt the kitten. And guess what he’s going to call it? That’s right – Burrito. Such a dumb name, but I suppose it’s a nice little story.

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