A Police Officer Is Under Investigation After Posting A TikTok Video At A Crime Scene

Pc Jonathan Gould

What is this guy thinking?

I still don’t understand TikTok even though I’ve been watching a lot of videos to bring you some of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen for our regular feature and it’s things like this story that make me despair even more for the future of the world.

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Even though I don’t understand TikTok it seems like the nation’s police force doesn’t share my ignorance as a guy called PC Jonathan Gould regularly updates the site with videos of him lip syncing whilst he’s doing important police work like guarding crime scenes and stuff. Here’s one of him singing along to the song All In by ZaeHD and CEO whilst simultaneously conducting important police work:

Cool video bro. Somehow this dude managed to amass 7000 followers on the app and that unfortunately meant that he got busted by his superiors who surprisingly don’t want their officers making dumb lip sync videos when they’re supposed to be upholding the law. He’s now being investigated, with a spokesman saying the following:

We’re aware of videos posted on social media featuring one of our officers.

We expect the highest standards of professionalism from all our officers and staff at all times and will look at the circumstances relating to the videos closely before deciding what action, if any, is necessary.

I imagine he’ll end up getting suspended and forced to take his account down. Those 7000 fans are going to be disappointed when they can no longer see him lip syncing to his favourite songs aren’t they? At least this one will be embedded on The Daily Mail forever. Imagine being this guy’s parents.

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