Policeman Demonstrates How Grenade Works In Courtroom; Blows Up Five People

Hand Grenade


Over in Karachi, a judge asked a police constable if he knew how a grenade worked and the constable being a trained policeman thought that it would be a good idea to demonstrate his knowledge by setting one off there and then.

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The moron pulled the pin out of his grenade in the middle of Pakistan’s Anti Terrorism Court and as you might expect, it exploded about seven seconds later and five people ended up injured, including the policeman and the judge. What an absolute donkey. The other three people injured were a court clerk and two other policemen – they were immediately taken to hospital for their injures and all of them are apparently doing OK now.

Old Hand Grenade

According to media reports over there, the grenade was a locally developed bomb that was brought to the courtroom by Investigation Officer Abid Ali. Apparently it hadn’t been defused when it was logged as evidence, so the police constable who pulled the pin out didn’t realise it was still armed. Still, it’s not really that much of an excuse as he could have just told the judge instead how it worked instead of trying to be all cool and look like he knew what he was talking about. Now he just looks like a dickhead.

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Following the explosion, military and security forces surrounded the courthouse as they feared there was a terrorist attack due to this dude’s stupidity. There wasn’t any eventually they were able to disperse.

The constable himself is said to be facing severe disciplinary action when he recovers from his injuries, and who can disagree with that? Fucking idiot almost blew himself and four people up by accident – that’s a special type of stupidity.


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