Police Endure Intense 11 Hour Standoff; House Turns Out To Be Empty

Police officer

Painfully dumb.

Police surrounded the area of Winston and Acacia in Redford over the weekend after receiving reports about a domestic abuse situation between a woman and a man who was potentially armed. The officers rocked up to the house about 12am on Saturday and issued an alert around 2.30am telling residents to avoid the area as officers blocked a number of streets in the neighbourhood.

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Sounds pretty serious right? After an intense 11-hour standoff, the police eventually raided the home only to find that it was empty. Yeah, that’s right. You’d think that maybe they would have checked this before closing off streets and issuing warnings. I mean I know they said that the guy was potentially armed, but that’s why they’ve got their own guns and tasers etc.

Police standoff

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They’ve now launched a further investigation into the matter although they probably don’t need to and are just doing so to make it look as if they didn’t just spend 11-hours being scared of an empty house. It’s sort of like the police equivalent of a dog chasing its own tail. Not really doing much to dispel the common perception of the fuzz being a bunch of morons.

Same goes for this officer who got caught up in a real-life porn situation with a girl named Barbie Cummings.


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