This Poker Master Just Pulled Off The Most Insane Bluff In World Series History


Balls of steel.

Even when you’re bluffing on a £10 pot of chips in a poker game with your mates at your house then the tension is noticeably palpable, so imagine what it must be like when you’re bluffing on a stack that’s worth a cool $162million at the world series and you’ve got a 0% chance of winning.

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I think most people would blow it in that situation, but not this dude Qui Nguyen. He eventually ended up taking home the bracelet and $8million after a gruelling seven hour heads up battle between himself and other finalist Gordon Vayo.

One of the key turning points in that match up was when Nguyen bluffed Vayo out of his winning hand by pushing all in when he had nothing:

Ouch. Way to feel absolutely sick there and look it too.

That’s not going to feel good, although I suppose at least Qui didn’t rub his face in it by showing him what he folded to. Probably better to keep it that way in the game though – I’m sure Vayo will know now though and absolutely hate it.

Of course, there were still hours left in the game before Vayo finally succumbed to Nguyen’s aggressiveness, but losing a hand like this must have been a major kick in the gut and psychologically scarring for the hours of heads up that they had coming. Unlucky pal.

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