There’s Now A Pokémon Go Dating App


It was only a matter of time.

With news that cultural phenomenon Pokémon Go was now way more popular than Tinder being announced recently, it seemed like it would only be a matter of time before somebody devised a Pokémon Go dating app. In fact, it was only about two weeks.

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Pokématch is pretty much like Tinder in that it has people swiping left and right to decide what they like the look of, but instead of you yourselves picking out a date stop to meet up in real life, they pick a nearby Pokéstop for the two lovebirds to meet up and battle at. Or subsequently travel around the world catching them all and falling in love, whichever tickets your fancy.

App creators Pim de Witte and Rene Roosen explain that they were inspired to create the app due to their conflicting desires to both go on dates and search for Pokémon, so why not combine them?


The goal is that people create meaningful dates, not just hook-ups.

We think that a Pokemon Go date is the perfect opportunity for that.

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Well to be honest, I suppose if you both are really into catching Pokémon then those two are probably right about that. Bets on how long until the first Pokématch wedding with Charizard as an usher occurs? I give it three weeks.

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