Dude Writes Handwritten Plea For Help From Pilot When Passenger On Plane Won’t Stop Farting

You can feel the pure desperation in this guy’s letter.

Not sure how we managed to omit this guy from our run-down of most annoying aeroplane passengers to fly with — the guy who can’t stop, won’t stop farting.

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Reddit user Garwee20 shared this story the following on Twitter:

My flight attendant mom got this napkin from an upset passenger:


That is the action of a desperate man indeed. Just hoping and praying that the pilot would sympathise with him and just shame this dude into holding in his farts for the rest of the flight.  The part about “ass cancer” really drives home the point of just how bad this guy’s farts are stinking up the whole plane. Big ups to this passenger for realising that something had to be done about it (not that the pilot or flight attendant made any announcement in the end).

Still, I’d rather experience that than what this guy went through sitting next to a colossally obese passenger on a long-haul flight.


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