Pizza Shop Employee Shares His Intense Hatred Of Customer Who Holds Pizza Completely Wrong


This is an incredible story. Just wait until the punchline.

It seems obvious that whenever you pick up a pizza, you hold it flat in front of you so that the toppings don’t all slide down to one side of the pizza, making one side completely bland and boring and the other overindulgent to say the least.

I did this once by accident and it was literally the worst day of my life, so I can understand why this pizza store employee would be mad about the fact that some guy came into his store every week and tucked his pizzas under his arm so that this would always happen. What the hell was his problem?

You can read the story in a series of tweets below, and let me tell you the punchline is a zinger:

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Speechless. After thinking about it a bit more though, it raises an even more important question: has this guy’s family ever eaten pizza in the correct manner? How the hell do they even go about dividing the slices? Would you even like pizza eating it this way?

I hate Mr. Smith too to be honest. Why would you do that to your family? Does he hate his family?

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