This Pipeline Exploding In The Middle Of Kiev Is Absolutely Insane

Explosive Eruption Devastates Street

It blew water and rubble seven stories into the air.

When you’re walking around the streets of a major city, the last thing you really expect is for the ground underneath you to literally explode and send water flying seven stories into their air – but this is exactly what happened in Kiev on Monday.

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The explosion happened after a pipeline that hadn’t been used for 37 years had water pumped down it, which sounds like a really great decision by whoever made it. The tarmac was ripped up like it was paper and cars and buildings were both destroyed as the muddy water and rocks surged up into the air and down the street.

Take a look at the video – it was absolute chaos:

Whoa. Miraculously nobody was actually injured as a result of the explosion, but a 6 metre square hole has been left where the pipe burst.

An investigation into just how this could have been allowed to happen is currently ongoing, as it seems completely inept that councilman would pump water into pipes that only have a lifespan of 25 years and have been inactive for almost 40. You do the math.

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