Pigeon Vs Rat Fight In Brooklyn Is An Absolutely Brutal Showcase Of Street Violence

Pigeon Vs rat – who are you backing?

As far as rats go, the ones that roam the streets of New York are among the filthiest, grimiest, toughest little bastards on the planet. Chances are they’ve got all kinds of diseases going on not to mention the energy that comes with an awesome diet of pizza which they routinely find laying around the city.

At the same time we’ve all heard the saying that a pigeon is just a rat with wings, so you might think the pigeon would have the advantage here in a pigeon/rat fight to the death.

Think it through before choosing your winner, then watch them battle it out below:

Pretty one-sided victory there I’d say. That rat was an absolute BEAST for sure. Just totally savage and relentless in its attack. The pigeon never even really stood a chance once the rat had incapacitated its wings. Pretty much got eaten alive out there and it wasn’t even close. Rats 1 Pigeons 0.

P.S. Know what had an even more brutal finish though? Wasp Vs Bee.


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