Piers Morgan Will Do A Naked Conga Around The Emirates If This Happens

Piers Morgan

Talk about a lack of confidence.

Arsenal fans weren’t happy on Tuesday night as their side failed to score against Southampton, whereas Man City, Spurs and Leicester all managed to win and leave them fourth in the Premier League.

Of course, this was the perfect time for vocal Arsenal fan Piers Morgan to take to Twitter to berate all of their players and Arsene Wenger for not spending enough in the transfer window. Does he ever give it a rest?

The sad thing is he typifies most Arsenal fans – never happy. But in fairness I suppose I would be pretty upset if my team bottled it every season.

Anyway, following that he decided to join Alan Brazil on TalkSport breakfast to vent about their performance, in which he decided to make the following promise which we’re all hoping will come back to haunt him:

Audacious, although to be fair I can’t really see Giroud doing that either. I stuck him in my fantasy football team a few weeks and he hasn’t really done anything since then, and that’s probably the reason I’ve gone from 4th to 8th in my league. Knew I should have gone with Harry Kane.

Just imagine if he did though. Although nobody WANTS to see Piers Morgan naked, seeing the chubby prick running around the Emirates in February with a shrivelled up little wiener would be a sight to see, and hopefully one he could never ever live down. I mean every time he tweeted something negative all you would have to do is reply with a picture of that and it would shut him up for good.

Come on Giroud – do it for the whole country. Even Nicklas Bendtner managed it one year. Or better yet, Barcelona just give them a goal when you’re dicking them so that this happens. Please?

For more embarrassing Piers Morgan moments, watch him get ripped apart by Chelsea Handler on his own show.


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