Watch Piers Morgan Completely Destroy A Gay Conversion Therapist On Live TV

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The therapist had gay sex multiple times before being ‘converted’.

However you feel about homosexuality, it’s fairly well accepted now that it’s an inherent characteristic of a person rather than a choice, but there are still those out there who are determined to fight it as hard as they can for whatever reason.

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One such character is Dr Mike Davidson, a man who has had multiple homosexual encounters but now operates as a gay conversion therapist, hoping to change people’s sexuality through his practices. Mike argues that he indulged in gay sex but realised that it was as sinful practice and was successfully converted, as evidenced by his 35 year marriage to his wife and two kids.

Obviously this guy is a complete tool, so who better to take him down than another man who is often recognised as one himself, Piers Morgan. Davidson was appearing on Good Morning Britain and for once Morgan used his ability to shout over people and not let them get a word in to great effect, totally ripping the guy a new one and embarrassing him on live television.

Get a load of this:

Ouch. I suppose in fairness to the Dr. Mike he was trying to get his point across in a fairly calm and clear manner and Morgan did his usual job of just shouting over his guest and not letting them get a word in, but when it’s someone this idiotic I think I can get behind it. Just about – would be even more satisfying to see him get taken down in a proper debate though. But it’s not like that’s ever gonna happen with Morgan around.

For more Piers Morgan, check him out owning this transgender woman who reckons all white people are racist. That was only yesterday – he’s really on a roll this week.


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