Do These Pictures Prove That Patrick Schwarzenegger Is Cheating On Miley Cyrus?

Patrick Schwarzenegger Cheating Miley Cyrus

Like father like son.

It’s been confirmed that Patrick Schwarzenegger has been dating Miley Cyrus for a while now – and Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t too happy about it – but it turns out that even though he’s professed his love for her multiple times, he might be a love rat just like his father.

The pictures you see above and below are from Cabo in Mexico over the weekend where Patrick is currently celebrating Spring Break with some unidentified girl who looks completely into him. The two were snapped at the Mango Deck restaurant – looks like they were eating a lot of food – which is probably a destination at Spring Break where many many people have cheated on their significant others in the past. There’s also a cool looking dude with a weed headband hanging out with them.

Predictably Patrick has denied cheating on Miley, coming up with the feeble excuse that it’s one of his best friend’s girlfriends. Because everyone’s best friend’s girlfriend looks at you like that, don’t they?

Well we’re totally convinced by that statement and don’t see anything at all suspicious about the other pictures we’ve included on the slideshow, like where they’re constantly holding hands and doing body shots off each other. No way, that’s perfectly normal behaviour for a guy and his best friend’s girlfriend, right? Make up your own mind I suppose.

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