Pictures Emerge Of Wannabe Angelina Jolie Before Her Transformation

Angelina Jolie Lookalike

She has also spoken about her extreme look for the firs time.

Last week some pictures of a girl from Iran who had apparently had 50 surgeries in order to look liker her idol Angelina Jolie went viral on the internet after many people kinda cruelly remarked that she looked more like a character off The Walking Dead than Angelina Jolie. Clearly you can see why the did that though, right?

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Anyway, nobody knew if it was true that she had actually had 50 surgeries to look like this, but before she made her Instagram account private she posted the following statement on it, coming clean about everything:

Hello relatively dear followers, the picture that you’re scrutinising, even though I didn’t like it, I kept it in … I must say I only had [indeterminate number of] surgery, not 50 surgeries, and foreign sites and channels were very biased in the way they talked about my photos.

I thought these people are probably living in the 18th century and they haven’t seen or heard of technology or makeup and they are really surprised.

I mean, that kinda makes the whole story a lot better doesn’t it? At least she isn’t going to look like that 24/7 and she hasn’t wasted loads of money to look like a complete and utter freak I suppose.

It’s kinda depressing when you consider that this was what she looked like before any of this makeup/technology/surgery nonsense:

I mean yeah, did she really look that bad beforehand that she had to do everything her power to look like a weird horror movie version of Angelina Jolie? No, she definitely didn’t in any way whatsoever. Really bums me out when people do stuff like this to their bodies for no good reason.

For more of the same, check out the original photos of her here. So weird looking.


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