These Photos From A Strip Club Operating As A Drive Thru Takeaway Are Absolutely Wild

Fun way to spend a Friday night.

Although most of the news we’re hearing during the Coronavirus lockdown is fairly depressing and gets you kinda bummed out, sometimes you see something and you’re like ‘wow, would you look at that!’

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This is one of those times, as pictures have emerged courtesy of Reuters of the strip club in Oregon that turned into a takeaway/delivery restaurant following the state’s decision to close all bars and eateries for sit down meals. We already mentioned the Lucky Devil Strip Lounge and their plan on these pages, but it seems that they’ve moved from operating a delivery service to offering an all frills included takeaway service as well now to try and rake in some extra bucks.

The drive thru opened up on Friday night and drew a steady stream of cars as they were greeted by pole dancing women on either side of their car whilst they picked up their shitty strip club food. There was also a DJ banging out hits and a light show, as well as a prize handout that included toilet paper and cannabis from a local dispensary.

Sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday night to be honest, given the current options you’re up against. Take a look at these snaps from it:

Lol. It really does look like apocalypse doesn’t it – only Nicolas Winding-Refn is directing it. Not sure if that’s my ideal form of apocalypse, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers right now and at least it’s something.

In case you’re wondering, everyone employed by the Lucky Devil has managed to stay earning money thanks to this initiative, although they’re not earning much more above minimum wage. Guess that’s better than nothing in these troubled times though hey.

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