Police Release Photos Of The 24 Dealers Who Caused Chaos Across North Manchester

Kane Campbell, 22

They’ve received nearly 100 years in jail collectively.

An undercover operation aimed at drug dealers in North Manchester has led to dozens of men being jailed for nearly 100 years collectively.

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Operation Rudow was a year long investigation carried out by GMP’s Challenger Manchester team. It targeted the drug dealing gangs who “tore apart communities and ruined lives” with crack cocaine and heroin.

The men were arrested following a series of raids in Moston, Harpurhey, Blackley, Newton Heath, Ancoats and Collyhurst during February. All the men who were arrested played a role in the operation of drugs hotlines in the various areas.

To get hold of one dealer, a police officer pretended to be an Amazon delivery man and duped him into opening his front door. The police say that other people would place orders via telephone before meeting one of the suppliers, who would drop it off in a car or on their bike.

Basically, it was a huge operation and the investigation has led to several drug rings supplying cocaine and heroin being broken and cannabis farms were also dismantled. Hundreds of officers were involved in the raids, where drugs, cash, a taser, handgun and ammunition were recovered.

Police have published photos of 24 of the men who were sentenced.

James O’Leary, 31


Michael O’Leary, 27


Sean Edwards, 23


Paul Gairns, 39


Richard Hunter, 39


Kieran Farrell, 52


Kieran O’Leary, 32


James Denton, 25


Jonathon Piper, 35


Darren Archer, 39


Michael Bradley, 26


Damien Dey, 27


Dale Murphy, 29


Edley Buchanan, 29


Brandon Holmes 19


Harry Frere, 44


Damien Edwards, 37


Jack Scott, 20


Mark Duffy, 33


Jay Jay Mckay, 29


Paul Eccleston, 42


Michael Gormley, 27


Matthew Clough, 27


Kane Campbell, 22


Overall 31 were convicted, all of them criminals who played a role in the operation of drugs hotlines in different areas of Manchester. 25 were jailed immediately, while a further four received suspended sentences and another two were given community orders.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Walker, of GMP’s City of Manchester division, said:

Drugs tear apart communities and ruin lives and we are determined to root out and destroy any groups who seek to profit from spreading misery.

People told us they wanted to see drugs tackled where they live, and thanks to community intelligence we have put 29 drug dealers in prison for a total of 96 years. These sentences mark the end of a year’s worth of hard work from everyone on my team and I want to thank them all for their efforts in securing this fantastic result.

I hope this shows people how seriously we take these offences and that when communities come to us with concerns about drugs, we will act upon them. I also hope this serves as a warning to anyone selling drugs on our streets that there is nowhere for you to hide. We will find you and bring you to justice.

Overall this was a huge covert operation and it looks like that particular drug ring will be unavailable for the time being. Sadly, however, drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine will always be in demand and it is likely that they will find their way into North Manchester again. Such is the nature of drug dealing. Still, at least it’s been halted for now.

Maybe these guys should’ve created a better dealing model – they might have been let off like this guy.


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