Seriously Disturbing Pictures Of Children’s Nightmares

Joshua Hoffine Horror Images

Photographer Joshua Hoofine recreates scenes from his nightmares when he was a kid, only this time he’s using his own children instead.

Photographer Joshua Hoffine had the bright idea to recreate scenes from his nightmares as a kid for a new photography series. All the classic nightmare characters from your nightmares are included, with monsters under the bed, monsters under the stairs, giant snakes and boogeymen behind the couch all included. His series will culminate this spring with the release of a movie called Black Lullaby, although I’m not really sure what that’s about.

Joshua explains his fascination with fear and nightmares on his website:

‘I am interested in the psychology of fear. We are all born with certain inherent and instinctual fears, such as fear of the dark, the fear of lurking danger, and the fear of being eaten. As we grow older these fears lose their intensity and are slowly shuffled away into our unconscious. Horror, as an art form, draws its strength from the unconscious.’

Oh yeah, and something else that’s really cool about this photo set is that the actors are Joshua’s own children. I guess this is one way to ensure that they won’t be afraid of the dark anymore: ‘They loved it. It was like a giant game of dress-up for them. They also knew we were making a scary picture, and loved the idea of scaring the audience as much as I did.’

Check them out:

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