Photographer Discovers Something Completely Disturbing In Seemingly Normal Wedding Photograph


Can you spot it?

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and that’s why wedding photography is such a big deal as you want as many memories of that day as possible immortalised in photographic form. One classic shot is the aerial one of everyone at the wedding, but one photographer recently got way more than they bargained for with the photo they took.

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The photograph you can see above was taken in New Orleans and if you look closely you can see something completely freaky and disturbing that should absolutely not be going on at a wedding, and in fact could signify everyone at the congregation getting murdered if it was a horror movie. Take another look, and then if you still can’t spot it scroll down for a close up:


Yep, that is completely freaky and looks a bunch of Satanists have invaded the wedding and are about to pounce and sacrifice everyone to their dark voodoo gods at any minute.

Fortunately, that wasn’t actually the case and the true explanation behind the freaky figures is a lot less horrific – they were actually part of an art installation in the city. Inspired by the John Kennedy Toole novel, A Confederacy of Dunces, Dawn Dedaux decorated the Brulatour Mansion and Courtyard. The main character Ignatius J Reilly was pictured in the middle of  the courtyard, surrounded by his nemeses and mentors watching him from the balconies and windows.

That doesn’t really mean anything to me, but that’s the apparent reason those figures were there during the wedding. I suppose it beats the alternative.

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