Snapchat Photo Exposes ‘Love Island’ Star In Bed With 16 Year Old Girl

Love Island


One of the guys from ‘Love Island’ has been caught out after spending the night with a 16-year-old girl.

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Mike Thalassitis was exposed after Julia Pawlak bragged online about being with Mike and his friends after meeting them at over 18s nightclub Soho in Middlesbrough.

Mike Thalassitis

A Snapchat photo even shows Mike lying topless on a bed in the Travelodge where he was staying. Busted.

Julia Pawlak Snapchat

Apparently Mike, 24, has announced that he is “horrified” at finding out the girl’s real age. A friend said:

Mike and a few friends partied at his hotel with a couple of girls they met at the Soho Nightclub in Middlesbrough which is an over 18’s club and ID is required to get in.

Mike was booked to do a personal appearance. MTV were also filming for a new episode of Geordie Shore in the venue.

One of the girls told Mike she was 19 and had a passport to gain entry.

However he has since learned she was not the girl named in the passport.

Her name is Julia Pawlak and rumours circulating on social media are stating she is under 18 which has really concerned him.

She posted a picture of Mike on Snapchat with his shirt off and a lot of people have commented on social media.

Julia Pawlak

Well, I guess if he’s telling the truth then he’s done nothing wrong and he’d be forgiven for assuming she’s over 18 considering she had a fake ID. You can’t deny that she definitely looks older than 16. Still, that’s probably going to be a stain on his reputation – not that he had much of one to begin with.

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