Photo Collection Captures Loneliness Within The Crowded City Of Tokyo

Julie Hrudova featured

Alone in the city.

I’ve been to Tokyo and let me tell you, it’s by far the busiest city I have ever experienced. Walking along the famous Shibuya Crossing is like trying to pass a tidal wave of bodies.

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Despite being chockablock with other individuals, oddly enough there’s a huge loneliness problem in Japan, with more and more people living in a single person household. No one has captured this phenomenon better than Amsterdam-based photographer Julie Hrudova. She says:

For a city that’s very populated and organised, it’s a city of loneliness, which is a saddening factor in contrast to so many playful elements associated with Tokyo.

The single person household is increasing and the Japanese even have a word for this section of society, combining ‘lonely’ and ‘group’. I sensed this in the urban atmosphere, and tried to capture it in the daily city life.

The result is a photo collection that captures both beauty and sadness in the fascinating Japanese capital:

Julie Hrudova 1 Julie Hrudova 2 Julie Hrudova 3 Julie Hrudova 4 Julie Hrudova 5 Julie Hrudova 6 Julie Hrudova 7 Julie Hrudova 8 Julie Hrudova 9 Julie Hrudova 10 Julie Hrudova 11

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