Phone Footage Shows Liverpool Bouncer Brutally Punch Woman In The Face

Bouncer punch

He doesn’t hold back.

A video has emerged online showing the moment a bouncer punched a woman in the face after she swung at him.

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The incident unfolded outside a bar on Mathew Street in Liverpool on Sunday. In it you can see the woman throw a windmill punch towards the bouncer’s head. However, he acts quick and ducks before punching her right in the kisser.

Savage. The video has divided opinion since it was uploaded on Twitter, with some viewers claiming it was self defence. Meanwhile, others called it “disgusting”.

What do you think? I reckon that the bouncer could’ve perhaps handled the situation a bit better. She was clearly drunk and although she was acting like a prick, he should’ve restrained her rather than ruthlessly socking her in the face.

He could probably learn and thing or two from this guy – he’s got the patience of a Zen monk.


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