Phillip Schofield’s Brother Timothy Schofield Jailed For 12 Years For Child Abuse



The Phillip Schofield PR nightmare continues as his paedophile brother is jailed for 12 years today for sexually abusing a vulnerable teenage boy over a three-year period.

Timothy was found guilty of 11 sexual offences involving children, all committed while he worked as a civilian police worker. How reassuring.

Timothy Schofield has been jailed for 12 years. Credit: PA

Schofield, 54, was convicted last month after a jury found him guilty of committing 11 sexual offences involving a child between October 2016 and October 2019, including two of sexual activity with a child.

He told jurors that he watched pornography with the boy who he insisted was over the age of 16 at the time.

Schofield had worked for Avon and Somerset Police as an IT worker. He was suspended following his arrest and dismissed from the force after his conviction. He was also disowned by his brother Philip, who said “as far as I am concerned, I no longer have a brother.”

Phillip and Timothy Schofield. Credit: @schofe/Instagram

In his victim personal statement, the complainant said he had felt trapped by Schofield and the “ripples” of his offences continued to caused deep hurt.

“Before Tim was arrested, I felt I had no freedom. I often felt panic, stress and fear. I felt like I was trapped in a loop of fear and anxiety of the abuse happening again.

[Now] I feel more blunt, I feel more bitter, I feel numb to life. I know I should feel really happy or really sad but I don’t have the ability to emotionally react. I feel like I’m watching everything crumble before me … I’ve had to fake everything for so long.”

Sentencing him at Bristol crown court, Mrs Justice Cutts told Schofield:

“You exploited his innocence for your own sexual gratification.

He felt forced to do what you wanted, trapped and unable to escape. He felt he couldn’t tell anyone and did not do so for many years. You took away his ability to be the teenager he should have been: carefree, relaxed, happy. You became utterly obsessed with him.

Your actions have had a devastating impact. You thought only of yourself. I have not heard a word of genuine remorse, only self-pity.”

Have to wonder how much this story influenced Holly Willoughby’s wish to distance herself from her long-time ITV co-host. After all, she has three young kids of her own who have all spent time with Phillip Schofield and his family. Would Timothy Schofield have been present at these get-togethers? Scary to think about.

The important thing is that he’s been brought to justice and won’t be messing with any vulnerable children anymore. A lot of people seem to think it’s only a matter of time before Phillip Schofield is accused of similar crimes, but I guess it’s not really fair to make assumptions like that based on having a nonce for a brother. If anything, they should be based on the fact he left his wife for a just legal lad who he had known since he was a child. Something to keep an eye on, anyway.

To watch Kim Woodburn rip into ‘two faced b**ch’ Holly Willoughby on GB News the other night, click HERE.



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