Philippe Senderos reveals a little too much when questioned about Joey Barton…..

Everyone knows Joey Barton is a twat right? If you didn’t, check out what we wrote about him and his stupid twitter account last week. However, do you know what he gets up in the bedroom? In an extraordinary faux pas on live television a couple of days ago, former Arsenal player Philippe Senderos – now at Fulham – used to be a bit of an accident waiting to happen during his time at the Emirates, but who would have thought that these lapses of concentration overlapped into real life?

In this interview on Talk of the Terrace – some show on ESPN which gets a (budget) pro footballer (like Philippe Senderos) and couples them with some C list celebrities to talk about the footballing events that occurred over the weekend – Philippe Senderos reveals a bit too much information when quizzed about what it’s like to play against Joey Barton. I won’t spoil it for you but get ready to laugh hard. Even 30 seconds after his gaffe, Senderos can’t stop laughing and looks more embarrassed than when he scored that own goal against Villa.


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